The story of Showplace Wood Products

A story of hard work, friendship, experience, and knowledge …

Newbie – I’m a Showplace Wood Products employee and have been with Showplace for just over one year. What do I like about Showplace? I like working for an eco-conscious company! I quickly learned that Showplace is a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. That’s a mouthful … so I tell people I work for a company committed to environmental excellence. I also like that Showplace is unique. Visiting with designers and clicking through pictures online has given me a taste of the design possibilities … the sky’s the limit!

Somewhere in Between – I’ve had an eleven-minute morning commute for eight years and as an employee-owner today, I couldn’t be happier! Why is Showplace the place to work? Well Showplace strives to honor and respect employees at all levels. As an employee-owned company, every employee is an owner; we’re all personally invested in what we create day in and day out! We’re a Midwestern company, yet we select from the best sources on earth to construct every cabinet.  And … if even that’s not enough … a strong commitment to philanthropy and citizenship tops it all off for me!

Veteran – I’ve been with Showplace since the beginning and feel privileged to work with such a passionate group. What sets Showplace apart from other cabinetry brands? Experiencing a growth in production from 50 cabinets per day in early 2000 to nearly 800 per day just a few years later is remarkable! Our strong foundation began as a straightforward plan. We would sell well-made cabinets at a fair price to independent cabinet dealerships and, with that, Showplace grew faster than any other cabinet manufacturer in the industry. What a revolutionary idea it was! Built on a Handshake: The story of Showplace Wood Products

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The Story of Showplace Wood Products