Back to School.

It’s that time of year again … the Fourth of July is in our rear view, while Halloween is in our commercials and on our store shelves. A few back-to-school tips from an experienced scholar:

To our student …
Breakfast before the bus will soon take the place of breakfast at noon. Ask Mom to add a few essentials to her back-to-school grocery list: your favorite cereal with extra sugar added, Pop-Tarts, donuts with frosting AND filling, etc. If Mom’s list is full, try Dad’s.

To Mom …
Your laundry room will soon see fewer beach towels and swimsuits and more shirts confirming the lunch menu. Acquaint yourself well with your students’ practice and game jerseys as you’ll have a washing, drying, folding date with one or the other every evening. Add one essential to your back-to-school shopping list: stain remover.

To Dad …
Commence Operation Homework. To avoid the struggle bus, find a quiet place, free from distractions, reference the textbook, ask Google, and lastly, summon Mom. Add one essential to the back-to-school shopping list: an eraser.

Here’s to a successful 2014-2015 school year!

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That Guy.

We all know That Guy. When That Guy is sent to the grocery store for a few necessities, he adds a few of his own sugary necessities to the list.

That Guy chaperones his kids’ middle school dance … once. After shaking his groove thing with his home dogs, he lost his privileges.

That Guy scours the freezer with his partner-in-crime, hours after bedtime, in search of the ultimate bedtime snack, ice cream.

Rather than watching the game in “his” chair, That Guy watches cartoons on the couch, after his little shadow claims the chair.

That Guy still has those outdated, awkward family pictures in his office.

That Guy is your coach, your Boy Scout leader, your guide, your teacher, your wrestling opponent, and your biggest fan.

Happy Father’s Day!

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An Island Oasis

Synonyms for Mom: Chauffer, Coach, Crosswalk Patrol, Daycare Provider, Hair Stylist, Head Cheerleader, Housekeeper, Interviewer, Janitor, Launderer, Lifeguard, Listener, Nurse, Personal Chef, Personal Shopper, Referee, Secret Keeper, Singer, Story Teller, Taste Tester, Teacher, and Therapist.

Though we should be thanking our mothers daily, the official day to honor these special people is right around the corner! How will you say thank you? A hug? A phone call? A homemade card? An island oasis?!

Wait! What? An island oasis?! And not just any island oasis. A Showplace island oasis. We don’t mean the white, sandy beaches, tropical sun, and fruity drinks kind. We mean the hardworking, organized storage, and additional countertop space kind. After all, we can’t have Mom jet setting just anywhere; she has quite the list of responsibilities.

So consider an island oasis for your mom this Mother’s Day. She’d be forever grateful, as would you considering a trip to the tropics should be a family event. Right?!

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2014’s Color of the Year is Here!

Pantone LLC, the global color authority, has provided the design industry with professional color standards for more than 50 years. The Pantone Color Institute studies color trends, both past and present, as well as how color influences human thought processes, emotions, and physical reactions.

Announced by Pantone LLC as the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid is a medley of fuchsia, purple, and pink. Spruce up your home with Radiant Orchid paint, accent pieces, and accessories. Radiant Orchid, blending cool and warm undertones, produces a healthy physical glow when worn. Since color trends in fashion migrate to colors used in home furnishings and cabinetry, we suspect this color will find its way into homes as well.

Whether you love Radiant Orchid or a color from any paint brand’s swatch book or fan deck, your cabinets can be made with your chosen color of paint through our ColorSelect Custom offering. Showplace ColorSelect also offers more than a thousand standard Sherwin-Williams paint colors in addition to 14 standard paint colors. Accent any of these with FREE hand-wiped glazing for the ultimate in personalized style.

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The story of Showplace Wood Products

A story of hard work, friendship, experience, and knowledge …

Newbie – I’m a Showplace Wood Products employee and have been with Showplace for just over one year. What do I like about Showplace? I like working for an eco-conscious company! I quickly learned that Showplace is a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. That’s a mouthful … so I tell people I work for a company committed to environmental excellence. I also like that Showplace is unique. Visiting with designers and clicking through pictures online has given me a taste of the design possibilities … the sky’s the limit!

Somewhere in Between – I’ve had an eleven-minute morning commute for eight years and as an employee-owner today, I couldn’t be happier! Why is Showplace the place to work? Well Showplace strives to honor and respect employees at all levels. As an employee-owned company, every employee is an owner; we’re all personally invested in what we create day in and day out! We’re a Midwestern company, yet we select from the best sources on earth to construct every cabinet.  And … if even that’s not enough … a strong commitment to philanthropy and citizenship tops it all off for me!

Veteran – I’ve been with Showplace since the beginning and feel privileged to work with such a passionate group. What sets Showplace apart from other cabinetry brands? Experiencing a growth in production from 50 cabinets per day in early 2000 to nearly 800 per day just a few years later is remarkable! Our strong foundation began as a straightforward plan. We would sell well-made cabinets at a fair price to independent cabinet dealerships and, with that, Showplace grew faster than any other cabinet manufacturer in the industry. What a revolutionary idea it was! Built on a Handshake: The story of Showplace Wood Products

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The Story of Showplace Wood Products